Mark Wojtkiewicz - Vox     Tom Godin II - Drums / Vox     Ian Zuckerman - Guitars / Vox     Will Perna - Guitars     Brian McDonald - Bass
 For the last two years, Absolution has created some serious buzz throughout the Northeast US.  After heavily
promoting themselves in support of their critically-acclaimed EP "Theory Of Existence" from New York to Oklahoma
and everywhere in-between, Absolution has gained an impressive following.  Delivering an adrenaline pumping
performance night after night is just one of many reasons for the band's continued success.  In support of "Theory Of
Existence", Absolution has shared the stage with many great acts such as...  ill Nino, Nonpoint, Drowning Pool,
Tantric, Taproot, RED, Future Leaders Of The World, Ekotren, A New Revolution, Sick Puppies, Otep, CKY,
Halestorm, Black Stone Cherry and many more...  

In the fall of 2010, Absolution returned to the studio to begin production on a new full-length album entitled "The
Other Side Of Nothing", which has been highly-anticipated by fans everywhere.  Listeners will definitely notice a
growth in the band's sound, notable thanks go to the addition of Will Perna on guitars, who joined the band shortly
after "Theory" was released.  The full-length album will also feature a Behind-The-Scenes DVD showing the making
of the album, the band on tour and other behind the scenes footage.

"The Other Side Of Nothing" is an emotional roller-coaster ride of sonic heights.  The music is hard-hitting, powerful
and melodic, with a sense of maturity in the band's writing process.  The lyrical content and vocal performance
comes out very strong and passionate and you can feel the emotion that was poured into the making of this record.  
On the single "Dry County",  vocalist Mark Wojtkiewicz reflects on his personal struggle with overcoming alcoholism.  
On the song "Pushing Through", which was written lyrically by guitarist Will Perna, he expresses the dedication,
endless hard work and sacrifice that goes into making a career as a musician.  With the ambient slowed down track
"Anemic (Reality)",  Mark conveys the frustration of people trying to force you to be what they want and not
supporting your life goals or accepting them because they want you to take an easier, quicker path to success, and
hurting so bad inside because you can't justify or explain yourself to anyone.  The whole album tells a story and
relates to everyone in some way or another.  It has become sort of a concept album, a look into the world we live in
and the changes we all go through.

"The Other Side Of Nothing" is set to release in stores and digitally on May 3rd, 2011.  The band will be kicking off
with a two month tour starting April 11th in Las Vegas as direct support for Taproot.  

 Make sure you do not miss this band and do not miss this new record!!!